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High Performer Support Center in Palma de Mallorca for athletes and teams

Physical and mental support. Personal consulting

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“There is a day before and after competition. Athlete’s personal life affects the performance and we have to take it into account to understand and improve the quality of results”.

Thomas Hertlein



It is a center that uses the basis of Human Decoding®, created by the mentor-coach Thomas Hertlein, for advising top athletes and their equipment to optimize their results, through incorporating our point of view in the way to achieve some specific objectives. We offer the opportunity to work in our space or move to the usual context of the client based on specific needs.

Besides this work in coordination with the professional athlete and his own team, we can also work from different areas of sport performance for athletes who are not working with a team of professionals.

Another of our areas of work is the training and courses for healthcare and sports professionals.




In Matrix Room Sports Human Decoding® basis are used to analyze and study your system. In this analysis we incorporate the circumstances of life of the athlete with the personal and sports context as factors that can affect the results in a professional level. Understanding the connections between these levels, we can obtain data that helps for the understanding of certain situations that could affect sports performance and then propose simple action guidelines to help the team globally or directly to the athlete.


You use a way to train, to compete, to move… for certain reasons that have been worked for time. Often you don’t need to change your system but to understand it better and then use it. We offer advice for making some adjustments in your own system to allow you to increase your effectiveness without changing it, only refining the skills you already have.


Thomas Hertlein

Thomas Hertlein

Matrix Room Sports Founder - Mentor, Coach, Consultant

Founder of Fundador de Human Decoding®, REadTREAT® Therapies, MachoTherapy®, Matrix Rooms®

Fran Tarantino

Fran Tarantino

Matrix Room Sports Director - Therapist, Personal Trainer, Coach

Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Graduate in Physical Education. Tel.: 0034 607 977 538 Email:


Thomas for me is a big mirror to look into. What I like about him is his honesty. He does not pretend to be something or someone. His willingness to share and his integrity – that for me is what makes a true human being. He is authentic and that for me is worth gold.

Dr. Roy Martina

Medical doctor and coach, Owner of The Roy Martina Experience & Omega healing. Bestselling author

The great thing about Thomas is that he does not push me to become a better ice hockey- player and earn lots of money, but to become a better ice hockey-player with lots of money who enjoys what he is doing, who is integrating his success into his family and respecting the healthy limits of his body.

Florian Kettemer

Professional Ice Hockey Player, German National team

Fran and Thomas do a very special job in the field of coaching. They improve the mind-body connections with a holistic approach, ideal for those people who feel that something is missing in their lives and they can’t make new achievements.

Carles Guinovart

Degree in physical education, high performance trainer and athlete



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